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Ordinance 57.01

Regulating Garbage and Refuse

Ordinance 88.01

Regulating Junk Yards Ordinance

Ordinance 01.01

Driveway Permit

Ordinance 11.01

Partition Fencing

Ordinance 11.02

Animals at Large

Ordinance 11.03

Junkyard Ordinance and Annual Permit

Ordinance 11.04

Recreational Mobile and Motor Home Annual Permit

Ordinance 11.05

Junked Vehicle

Ordinance 12.01

Citation Ordinance Schedule of Cash Deposits

Ordinance 16.02

Site Permit for Buildings Other Than Dwellings

Ordinance 16.03

Building Permit for Dwellings

Ordinance 16.04

Moratorium on the Expansion of Existing and Creation of New Nonmetallic Mining Operations

Ordinance 16.05

Ordinance for the Licensing and Operation of Nonmetallic Mines in the Town of Wellington

Ordinance 16.06

Reauthorization of Existing Town Ordinances

Ordinance 16.07

Ordinance to Enact Code of Ordinances

Ordinance 17.01


Ordinance 18.01

Ordinance Regulating Debris, Junk, Solid and Hazardous Waste

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